This Week’s Message
A Father’s Day Reflection

By Cliff Garvey

During a recent visit at home in Maine with my parents, I complained about the aches and pains that come with middle age. And in all seriousness, I asked them: “Is it some sort of conspiracy? Nobody tells you that suddenly you’ll be exhausted after lunch! Nobody tells you that suddenly you’ll have arthritis in your hands! Nobody tells you that suddenly you won’t be able to do what you had previously done without effort! You never complained about any of these things! You were never tired or weary after a long week!” As I finished this rant, my parents just looked at each other and laughed. My mother showed me her arthritic right hand which looks shockingly like my newly arthritic right hand. My dad told me about how he would sometimes sneak an afternoon nap in a supply room near his office at work. They told me that they routinely arrived home from work exhausted and ready to collapse. And they told me that the aging process is just part of life. My mom said matter-of-factly: “It is what it is.”

Despite their good humored assurances and sympathy, I can’t help but think about my parents and those long years of hard work. In my dad’s case, he began working full-time after high school graduation and continued working full-time (often more than full-time) for fifty years. I can remember him arriving home from work, having supper, and leaving for his second job. At the time, I thought it was great because that second job paid for a new ten-speed bicycle, a swimming pool in the backyard, and family vacations to places like Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Washington, D.C., and the Virgin Islands. Looking back, it is hard to imagine how my dad could work morning, noon, and night for so many years. And it is equally hard to imagine how he managed to work so hard and to be such a good father. Despite those long hours, he was always available to coach little league baseball, help with homework, or just talk things through.

My dad is a tall man (six feet, six inches). He is still healthy and strong as his 75th birthday approaches later this year. He has been my hero and partner in crime for five decades. We make a lot of mischief together. It is hard for him to grow older. And it is hard to watch him grow older. Over coffee one recent afternoon, I blurted out: “Dad, whatever happens down the road, just don’t forget me.” He said simply: “Have I ever let you down?” And I realized and replied through tears: “No, Dad, never.” This weekend, let us pray together for our fathers and grandfathers: those unsung and much loved heroes who cared for us, sacrificed for us, worked hard for us, and never let us down. And let us say to them with full and grateful hearts: “Thanks, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!”

May the Lord give you peace!

Cliff Garvey
Associate Minister
Catholic Community of Gloucester & Rockport

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Our Lady of Good Voyage
Mission Appeals Weekend
June 18th-June 19th

This weekend, Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish and the Catholic Community of Gloucester & Rockport is blessed to welcome Father Geoffrey Adolfo of the Missionary Society of Saint James the Apostle for our Annual Mission Appeal Weekend. Father Adolfo will celebrate all Masses at Our Lady of Good Voyage and will preach about his missionary work in Ecuador and Peru. Founded in 1958 by Cardinal Cushing, the Missionary Society of Saint James sends diocesan priests to work with and minister to the poor in those countries. Please note that a Second Collection will be taken this weekend at Our Lady’s in support of the Missionary Society of Saint James the Apostle. Your generous support will be much appreciated! Thank you, Father Adolfo! Welcome to the Catholic Community of Glouces- ter & Rockport! May God bless you and your good work!

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Assisi Project Spring Raffle
Congratulations Claire Wholley!

The Assisi Project and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society wish to congratulate Claire Wholley of Gloucester, who won the spring raffle for the beautiful handpainted icon of the Blessed Mother and the Child Jesus. Thanks to the generosity of our fellow parishioners, this raffle raised more than $1,200 for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. For more information about the Assisi Project and its good work in our parishes, please see Father Jim before or after Mass; or contact Cliff Garvey at Congratulations, Claire! May the Lord give you peace!

Learn More: The Assisi Project


Mass Intentions Book
Opens June 22nd

The Catholic Community of Gloucester & Rockport’s Mass Intentions Book (July 2016-December 2016) will be opened on Wednesday, June 22nd from 11:00am until 2:00pm at our Pastoral Office (74 Pleasant Street). On that day, all parishioners are welcome to book one Sunday Mass and one weekday Mass at Saint Ann Church, Saint Joachim Church, or Our Lady of Good Voyage Church. Please note that on June 22nd, all Mass intentions must be booked in person. No email, fax, or phone requests will be accepted. No exceptions! Any remaining Masses can be booked on or after June 23rd. For more information, please contact Father Jim at Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support! Peace and blessings to all!


Summer Catholic Kids Camp
The Vatican Express, Part II
Begins June 28th

The Catholic Community of Gloucester & Rockport is pleased to announce that all children (ages 5 through 11) are invited to participate in our Second Annual Summer Catholic Kids Camp: The Vatican Express, Part II from Tuesday, June 28th through Friday, July 1st from 8:00am until 12:00pm at Our Lady of Good Voyage Church. During this exciting week of prayer and fellowship, children will learn about the traditions and treasures of the Vatican through active and engaged participation in games, music, skits, and easy-to-make crafts. Each day, we will explore a different theme: Day I, Tuesday, June 28th: Miracles of Jesus; Day II, Wednesday, June 29th: Miracles of the Eucharist; Day III, Thursday, June 30th: The Miracle of the Mass; and Day IV, Friday, July 1st: The Miracle of Eucharistic Adoration.

Each day of the Vatican Express, Part II will begin with Mass at 8:00am in Our Lady of Good Voyage Church. All parents, grandparents, and guardians are welcome to join us! After Mass, Betsy Works and a team of volunteers will lead the children to Our Lady’s School for a faith-filled and fun-filled morning of activities, learning, and good times with friends both new and old. The Vatican Express, Part II is a fun, exciting, and educational program that your children and grandchildren will love! The tuition for this innovative summer vacation youth faith formation program is just $25 per child for the entire week! Scholarships are available to those who cannot afford tuition. Also, adults and older children (ages 12 and up) are welcome to join us as volunteers and will be much appreciated! For more information about our Summer Vacation Catholic Kids Camp: The Vatican Express Part II, please contact Betsy Works at bworks@ccgronline. Please join us! All are invited! All are welcome!

Registration Form: The Vatican Express, Part II


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