This Week’s Message
I See My Lord!

By Pope Francis

Eight hundred years ago, in Coimbra (Portugal), Fernando, a young member of the Augustinian Canons Regular and a native of Lisbon, learned of the martyrdom of five Franciscans who were killed in Morocco because of their Christian faith on January 16, 1280. The young man decided to turn his life around.

He left behind his homeland and set out on a journey, a symbol of his spiritual journey of conversion. First, he went to Morocco, where he was courageously determined to experience the Gospel in the footsteps of the Franciscan friars who had been martyred there. Then he landed in Sicily after being shipwrecked on the Italian coast, something that still happens to so many of our brothers and sisters. From Sicily, God’s providential plan led him to meet up with Saint Francis of Assisi on the roads between Italy and France.

Finally, he moved to Padua (Italy), a city which will always be linked in a special way with his name and where his relics are venerated. I hope that this feast will arouse in the devotees of Saint Anthony around the world the desire to experience the same holy restlessness that prompted Saint Anthony to travel the roads of the world bearing witness to the love of God through word and deed.

May his example of sharing in the hardships of families, the poor, and the disadvantaged, along with his passion for truth and justice, still arouse in us now a generous commitment to give of ourselves as a sign of fraternity with all people. I am thinking most of all about young people. This saint, so ancient and yet so modern and brilliant in his insights, can be a model for new generations to follow so that their life’s journey may be more fruitful.

Along with Saint Anthony, I also hope that all of us may be able to say: “I see my Lord!” We must see the Lord in faces of all of our brothers and sisters; and offer them consolation, hope, and an opportunity to encounter the Word of God upon which they may focus their whole lives. With these sentiments, while asking you to pray for me, I cordially send my blessings to all who are inspired by the spirituality of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Pastor’s Note: This week’s message is adapted from a letter from Pope Francis to the Friars Minor Conventual on the 800th Anniversary of the Franciscan Protomartyrs and the entry of Saint Anthony into the Order of Friars Minor. For more information about Saint Anthony, please join us online at: ccgronline.com and assisiproject.com! Saint Anthony of Lisbon, pray for us! Saint Anthony of Padua, pray for us! Saint Anthony, Patron of Lost Souls, pray for us and for our suffering world! Peace and blessings to all! — Father Jim

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Call to Prayer
Feast of Saint Anthony
June 13th

A Prayer to Saint Anthony for Poor Children

Saint Anthony,
your love for the infant Jesus
made him present to you
to see and hold in your arms.
Help us to see and love Jesus
in all the poor and suffering of the world.
Move us to clothe, feed, and help Jesus,
in all unwanted, abused,
and abandoned children and people.
Lead us, for the sake of Jesus,
who became a child like us,
to reverence and protect all human life
from its beginning to its end. Amen.

A Prayer to Saint Anthony for What Is Lost

Saint Anthony, when you prayed,
your stolen book of prayers was given back to you.
Pray now for all of us
who have lost things precious and dear.
Pray for all who have lost
faith, hope, or friendship with God.
Pray for all who have lost friends or relatives by death.
Pray for all who have lost peace of mind or spirit.
Pray that we may be given
new hope, new faith, new love.
Pray that lost things, needful and helpful to us,
may be returned to our keeping.
Or if we must continue in our loss,
pray that we may be given
Christ’s comfort and peace. Amen.

Watch: Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua
Watch: One of Our Patrons: Saint Anthony


The Assisi Project
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Founded in 2007 by Father Jim and Cliff Garvey, the Assisi Project is a Fellowship of Franciscans in Spirit. Our mission is to help believers of all ages and backgrounds grow closer to Christ, closer to the Church, and closer to each other through the intercession, inspiration, and good example of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi.

Members of the Assisi Project range in age from 13 to 95 and live in the Catholic Community of Gloucester & Rockport, throughout the Archdiocese of Boston, from coast to coast, and all around the world. We pray every day for those who need our prayers. If you would like us to pray for you or your special intention, please contact Cliff at cgarvey@ccgronline.com. May the Lord give you peace! Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi, pray for us!

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Urgent Goal: $14,266 By June 30th!

Each year, the Grand Annual Collection at Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish bridges the gap between our weekly offerings and our overall financial obligations. These expenses include insurance premiums, utility bills, maintaining our historic church buildings, and the salaries and benefits of our pastoral team (including me). Although our parish is part of a collaborative, we are solely responsible for paying our bills and balancing our budget.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, our overall parish income is down 25% during the past sixteen months. Despite ongoing efforts to cut costs and streamline our operations, we cannot make ends meet without your help. Put simply, the financial stability and long-term pastoral viability of our parish is at stake.

On June 30th, the current fiscal year will end. We must still raise $14,266 in order to reach our goal of $45,000 for the Grand Annual Collection. So far, we have raised $30,734. Thank you! We can do this! We can make this happen! If every parish family can share $46 (in addition to your weekly support), we will reach our goal, balance our budget, and ensure the financial security of our parish for another year. Once we reach this all-important goal, we can begin raising funds for the repair and restoration of our bell towers, one of which was seriously damaged during a wind storm last winter.

Every dollar makes a difference and goes directly to Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish. Whether it’s for $5, $50, or $500, your gift can be placed in the collection basket, dropped off at the rectory, made electronically, or mailed to: Our Lady of Good Voyage, Grand Annual Collection, 74 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930.

If you have questions or need more information about how you, your family, or your small business can support our beloved and historic home parish, please contact me at frjim@ccgronline.com. Let’s pray together that all of us, according to our means, will contribute something to the Grand Annual Collection! Thank you for your prayers and support for Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish! Peace, blessings, and sincere thanks to all! — Father Jim

Reverend James M. Achadinha, Pastor
Catholic Community of Gloucester & Rockport
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